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What is an eCheck?

We all have heard about checks, travelers checks, cashier and banker checks but what is an eCheck? The ‘e’ simply means electronic. echeck or electronic check is nothing but the electronic/digital version of old conventional checks. Yes, you might still be using those paper checks, eCheck is just their evolved form, the same old wine in a new bottle, so to say.

Checks have always been a flexible mode of payment since their underlying importance is in the information on them (the receiver, amount & the signature). The global transaction made by the conventional checks has been decreasing due to the penetration of cards and digital payment methods but eChecks have picked the baton right where the conventional check dropped it.

A paper system is inefficient with the demands of the modern world. It is expensive considering the ink and paper and also allows errors to creep in since data from paper checks is entered onto computer systems. They have to be stored physically, which occupies space and are more prone to damage, theft and frauds in comparison to eChecks. eChecks on the other hand are completely electronic and do not use an inch of paper during the whole transaction cycle. They use digital signatures for authentication and funds are transferred between the bank accounts once the eCheck is cleared.


Check Verification

After both parties i.e. the payee and the payer agree to an eCheck transaction. The first step is when a user fills up an eCheck authorization form and sends it to the merchant, who after receiving authorization looks at the eCheck details and verifies them.

Setting up payment

Initiating the transaction means entering the payer’s details into the eCheck payment processing software. Sometimes this information is automatically picked up by the software via the online form (it must be entered manually in case of authorization by email or phone call).

Submission of request

If the information entered is final and correct, the merchant hits the send/submit button and the eCheck goes into the floating period. This marks the start of the ACH payment transaction process.

Confirmation of payment

At this stage, the information reaches the eCheck payment service provider who initiates the transaction. Once the payment is cleared by the ACH network, the funds are directly withdrawn (debited) from the payer’s account and deposited (credited) into the payee’s account.

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How to use eChecks for sending/receiving payments?

Well, you have to literally make zero effort to get on this wagon. You already know everything that you need to know about filing an eCheck because it’s the same as paper checks. Anyway, we will still reiterate the process for you.

It’s fairly easy and simple. You won’t need a pen or a checkbook, what you’ll need is a browser and a keyboard. Let’s begin:

Get started now

Check your bank account balance

This is check/eCheck writing lesson 101, you need to ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account before proceeding to write an Check. If you don't have the required balance, the eCheck will bounce and you definitely don't want that. If you don't have the funds in your account, 'do not' write the eCheck as the 'float time' is very less and your plans of depositing the funds before the check clears are literally futile here.


Fill up the eCheck request form

Pull up your eCheck services and fill up the form online on their website, on an application/software they have provided or complete the authorization via an email or a telephone call. Either way, in this step all you need to do is pass on the accurate info that will go into your eCheck to your eCheck service provider. Enter all the details correctly.


Check details and press submit

Check again for you may have made errors entering so many numbers in separate fields. If you're sure that all the information you have provided is correct, click OK/submit button and you're all set. This is where your part ends. It only takes a few minutes, just like a paper check.


How to get eCheck account

Obtaining an eCheck account is a straightforward process. Follow our user-friendly registration steps to set up your account quickly and easily.


1. Free Sign up

Begin your journey by registering for free and setting up your account for seamless eCheck transactions.


2. Choose a plan

Select the plan that best suits your needs, whether you’re a small, medium, or large business.


3. Verify your identity

Complete the verification process to secure your account and enhance its safety.


4. Account Approval

Our team promptly reviews your application and grants approval, minimizing delays in account setup.


5. Active your account

Activate your eCheck account effortlessly after approval, preparing it for seamless payment processing.


6. Start Processing

With your account active, you can begin processing eCheck payments and enjoy the benefits of this efficient payment method.

What are the advantages of using eChecks?

eChecks have the upper hand when it comes to safety, ease and transaction fees. Well, what more could a business ask from a payment method? Find out:

Safer to use

Echecks are safe when it comes to processing high risk payments. They are also less prone to frauds and cyber intrusions.

Greater accuracy

Echecks are accurate since they are verified at several levels of the transaction cycle.

Speed of transaction

Echecks are quick when merchant payouts are considered and they are also a fast way of transacting international payments which is very beneficial for payouts of ecommerce businesses.

Lower transaction fees

Echecks have the least transaction fees when it comes to processing payments. They provide a win-win scenario for both customers and the business owners irrespective of who is paying the transaction fee.

User friendly

It is very simple to fill out a paper check, eCheck are even easier. Users find themselves at ease when paying through eChecks mostly because they are convenient and very user friendly modes of payment.


Think of the millions of trees you are saving which would otherwise have been chopped to print those paper checks. This method is not only eco-friendly but a sustainable one too.


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