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Check verification

Enable faster payment processing without increasing customer friction. eCheckplan uses the routing and account number to provide real-time account status for consumer and business accounts giving your FI confidence that an account is valid prior to approving a deposit or accepting a payment.

Our offered check verification service enables merchants to mitigate the check acceptance risks.

Our service provides them with different options beginning from automated routing number check, negative database options and receiving real-time inquiries into their checking account status. Our service confirms that an authorized party has an allowance to issue the check service.

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How it works


Expedite payments and disbursements


Validate account status in either real-time or batch mode


Eliminate opportunities for fraud without adding friction

Benefits include


Real time or batch check and ACH payment processing capability


Improves customer response time with rapid risk decisioning


Reduces losses from check and ACH returns, including NSF

Frequently Asked Questions

eCheckplan provides the following decision-based responses: Accept, Decline, Accept with Risk or No Data Found. Additional detail is provided in XML format as needed.

Banks contribute the positive and negative status of their accounts. Status information contributed includes open/valid, closed savings/checking, NSF, post no debits and more.

This data is unique in the industry and has the largest coverage of bank account data nationwide, encompassing over 4 billion account records.

eCheckplan immediately reduces both administrative and NSF returns by providing the most recent status of your customer DDA accounts.