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Retail Payment Processing

EcheckPlan offers a variety of credit card processors, including secure and fast online payment gateways. Accept credit cards anywhere you are: in-store, over the phone or even direct from your mobile device.

We provide complete, innovative, and secure credit card payment processing services specifically designed to meet the business needs of e-commerce merchants. Owing to in-depth knowledge and expertise, we provide merchants with professional services to accept credit cards quickly and securely.

We facilitate professional credit card payment processing services to low-risk and high-risk businesses with several options to accept online and in-person transactions, including Countertop Terminal, POS System, API Integration, and Virtual Terminal.

We facilitate perfect and accurate credit card processing services that merchants to accept payments through credit and debit cards. Moreover, credit card processing works as an essential service, ensuring that customers can simply and quickly checkout, and merchants will experience no hassle in processing payments.

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Online & e-commerce Payment Processing

Accepting credit cards from customers across multiple channels can be a headache, but we've solved that problem for you with our omnichannel services. With EcheckPlan, each transaction is collected and reported in our single dashboard. Each payment is automatically settled within a few days of the transaction date. Most importantly: all incoming payments will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Additional benefits of accepting merchant payments through EcheckPlan include:

• Our POS systems accept multiple payment types, including credit cards, debit cards, EMV chip cards, contactless cards and NFC-enabled devices.

Merchant Account Setup and support services

• An Online Payment Gateway that can be used to process online payments

• A virtual terminal that can be used to process phone and mail orders

• A mobile payment app that can be used to accept payments on the go

A Fraud Prevention and Security suite to protect your business and your customers

• A customer management system to help you keep track of your customers and their payments

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