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We are one of the leading eCheck payment facilitator that functions in a trustworthy manner. Collaborating with us indicates that you are connected with a reliable payment processor that values truthfulness and integrity.

Our eCheck payment processing services allow businesses to accept payments online through their website, mobile app or even via telephone. All you need is our eCheck payment gateway and software, which will enable you to process online checks without any hassle.

We provide 24/7 customer support services through live chat, email or phone call support so that any queries get resolved immediately without any hassle on your part. We make sure that all transactions are processed securely and accurately so that you can receive your funds quickly.

Payment Solutions

Reliable, Flexible & Secure Payment Solution Is Needed By Every Business

We facilitate robust and safe eCheck payment solutions that make it easy to integrate and assist merchants in processing payments anywhere and anytime.

Low-Risk Businesses

The successful digitization of small businesses is possible with a suitable payment processor. The right payment processor will be flexible enough to scale as your small business grows by streamlining its payment process.

Medium-Risk Businesses

Medium-risk businesses are classified as businesses with a high probability of deriving higher chargebacks. Selecting the right type of payment processor assists medium-risk businesses in streamlining their payment transactions without hassle.

High-Risk Business

High-risk businesses are classified as those set of businesses that carry the risk of higher chargeback. They usually require an enhanced, user-friendly. PCI compliance and risk management payment providers.


Reliable Payment Partners

Whether your business is small, medium, or high-risk, we cohesively present easy-to-process, fast, and reliable payment processing solutions that help you to streamline your business transactions. Apart from providing customers with an array of payment solutions, we facilitate eCheck services for all types of industries.


Unified Payment Solutions To Empower Your Business One Partner, Infinite Possibilities

eCheck Payment

Electronic check payments are the ideal digital payment option for recurring transactions, bill payments, and contactless payments.

Check Verification

Our check verification service assists in validating bank account prior to payment process. It will also help you to save money on electronic check processing.

Credit Card Processor

Our credit card processing services are specifically known as the best payment processor. This service establishes streamlined communication between the merchant, the credit card network, and the cardholder’s bank. We also ensure proper compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Incorporation Service

Incorporation service is essential for establishing a company entity that gets easily recognized by the state of your incorporation. So, selecting the right type of business entities like sole proprietorship, partnerships, Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, and small business corporation (S-Corporation).


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eChecks FAQ:

eChecks are usually sent out in bulk for processing by the merchant's eCheck service provider to the ACH network.
Yes, as long as the eCheck transaction is not already in progress it can be annulled or made void.
Consumers bank with their checking accounts can reject eChecks due to a number of reasons like insufficient funds, unfunctional account, discrepancies in eCheck related details etc.
Businesses that indulge in regular transactions can use eChecks for sending/receiving payments on the internet.
eChecks are basically electronic checks, mostly they are electronically used and processed. However, you can also print these on normal printing papers.
It can take from a few minutes upto 2-3 business days to get on-board the eCheck payment service.
Consumer checking account, corporate checking account, saving account and consumer accounts can be used to credit and debit eCheck transactions.
Yes, you can make one time payments with eCheck services.
Yes, you can opt for recurring payments with eCheck services. eChecks are the preferred way to make recurring payments.
Verification of eChecks can be done any day, sales and refunds can be also submitted any day of the week but funds will only be settled only on open bank days, i.e. Monday to Friday and on Saturday in some organizations.

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