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eCheck related FAQs:

We have answered most of the basic questions like What is an eCheck, What is an ACH network, How eChecks work etc. in the text above, but we would like to tackle some more tricky questions about the concept of eChecks. There is confusing data on the internet and we want to give you a clarity on this topic. We hope that this FAQ section will help you get a clear picture and remove any doubts that you may still be having pertaining to eChecks. We will cover some basic questions again for those who only visit this part of the page.

Ans. eCheck or electronic check is the digital version of paper checks. It is a payment system for exchanging funds.
Ans. Businesses that indulge in regular transactions can use eChecks for sending/receiving payments on the internet.
Ans. No, these are electronic checks and do not require the use of any physical check or paper for that matter.
Ans. It can take from a few minutes upto 2-3 business days to get on-board the eCheck payment service.
Ans. Consumer checking account, corporate checking account, saving account and consumer accounts can be used to credit and debit eCheck transactions.
Ans. Yes, you can make one time payments with eCheck services.
Ans. Yes, you can opt for recurring payments with eCheck services. eChecks are the preferred way to make recurring payments.
Ans. Verification of eChecks can be done any day, sales and refunds can be also submitted any day of the week but funds will only be settled only on open bank days, i.e. Monday to Friday and on Saturday in some organizations.
Ans. eChecks are usually sent out in bulk for processing by the merchant's eCheck service provider to the ACH network.
Ans. Yes, as long as the eCheck transaction is not already in progress it can be annulled or made void.
Ans. Consumers bank with their checking accounts can reject eChecks due to a number of reasons like insufficient funds, unfunctional account, discrepancies in eCheck related details etc.
Ans. eCheck funds can be settled next day or within 2-3 days at the earliest.
Ans. Report to the police and cyber crime unit in your area immediately as soon as you notice discrepancies in your eCheck payment books or smell foul play.
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