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eCheck’s exquisite offers will keep the merchants at the forefront.

Zero Processing Fee

No processing fee while processing a payment seems unimaginable, but that’s what the reality is. All thanks to the proprietary technology, our platform charges a small service fee varying from one to four percent of the customer’s transaction.

Zero-fee! Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is true too!

Simplify things more than ever with a solution that offsets merchant service fees.

Free Terminal

Available in all 50 States

Minimal Equipment

Select a payment processing provider and start saving right away. Merchants of all sizes can accept card transactions for all major credit and debit cards.

  • EMV-enabled terminals
  • No cost equipment
  • No long-term contracts
  • Programs for terminal replacement
  • Excellent customer service
  • Qualified merchants can get
         funding the next day.

Tiered Services As Low As 1.29%
Plus 10 Cents Per Transaction*

Every transaction is charged 1.29% plus 10 cents to well-established and risk-free businesses. Other businesses can anticipate receiving 1.68% to 1.99% along with 10 cents per transaction; however, the price varies business by business. As each business is different, we provide personalized pricing based on the type of business and the risks involved with the business. Sign up with us to request a quote.

  • Rates rely on the business type.
  • Join us for the exact rate
  • Every business model is accommodated
  • Alongside interchange rates,
         a fee is charged.

Payment Processing

Ensured Minimum Processing Rates

Opening a merchant account with us is as simple as opening this website. You can use the current equipment for payments or the equipment we have for you. Whatever decision you take, your competitive processing rates are ensured. Enjoy accepting every major credit or debit card to prevailing payment types like EMV or mobile payments at your fingertips.

Already processing credit and debit cards? Allow us to review rates so that you get the best deal possible.

Accept payments, Anywhere and Everywhere

Industry Proficient

Need to accept payment in the easiest way possible? Team up with our processor and enjoy accepting payments anywhere and anytime globally. We feel proud to say that we have a rich niche of partners in payment processing and merchant services. A company that more than 310,000 businesses and well-known brands entrust for their payment processing needs. We have prosperously partnered with processing companies known for delivering efficient, reliable, and rapid merchant service solutions that assist businesses to outshine their competitors.

Free equipment, simple setup, courteous customer service, and multi-device functionality are some of the prerequisites that help our clients to grow their businesses at unprecedented heights.

What do we offers?

We don’t confine our services to credit card processing only. To keep our customers happy, we offer much more than it seems.

Smooth Payment approval

Accepting a wide range of payment options

Comprehensive EMV selection

Extensive selection of EMV equipment and too completely FREE.

Mobile Card reader

FREE smartphone card reader that supports NFC and EMV transactions.


A Pay-Anywhere Storefront tablet compatible with customers’ business demands and needs.

Secure Transactions

Safe, encrypted, and quick eCommerce transactions.

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